I love the outdoors. I love light. I love color. When all of the elements come together I can’t do anything but paint! As an artist, I am fascinated by the relationship between light and color and how one affects the other. Yes, you will see reoccurring elements in my work like horses, family and mostly my Mississippi landscape, but it all comes down to the light.

After receiving my BFA from Mississippi State in 1992, I studied extensively under Sammy Britt and focused on the techniques of Henry Hensche and the colorist movement. Sammy sees light and color unlike anyone I know. I have taken these techniques and incorporated them into my own style. 

I love painting outdoors “en plein air” and living on our horse farm at the edge of the Mississippi delta I have an unlimited supply of subject matter. My current project “200 Paintings/200 Days” is documenting an intense study of the visual knowledge that I hope to gain painting 200 plein air paintings for 200 consecutive days.

Then there are the horses. They have been a part of me all of my life. I started my artist career in the business of equine portraiture and as I have evolved as an artist over the years so have my horses. The horses you see me paint now are not the formal portraits I have always been known for; these “ponies” as I like to call them come from somewhere else. They are a combination of my love for light and color and the sheer beauty that made me fall in love with these incredible creatures in the first place. 

When someone views my work, I want them to FEEL it. Whether it is a crisp autumn day or a the late day sun reflecting off of a horse’s back, I want to transport the viewer to a time and place that I deemed magical. 

When not at my easel, I spend time in the class room as a private art teacher as well as managing the day to day affairs as Executive Director of the Charleston Arts and Revitalization Effort and Arts Center.